Tuesday, June 7

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Arkliü g. Vilnius, 21:50


I had a restless night. Every hour the air conditioning switched on very noisily and I woke up. 15 minutes later I fell asleep. Twice in the night I attempted to deal with the air conditioning and twice I failed.

At breakfast Vhrista told me about her noght. It had been the same as mine until she realised that the problem was actually the refridgerator masquerading ad a minibar. Ah ha, I thought, as I noticed that the surprise breakfasr delicacy was jelly in a shot glass. Feisel said it was fine so I had one, and then another. The jelly appeared to be unsugared fresh fruit juice and gelatine. Yummy.

We spent the morning having good ideas and lunchtime on Felicie, where the buffet would have fed me for a week. It leant heavily towards things like goose necks, duck lard, ducks livers, and stuff that couldn’t be translated but definitely involved animal parts.

The vegetarian option was fish.

In the afternoon we had more good ideas and at 17:00 we left on a coach trip to Trakai, to see the castle. The guide was so [insert suitable term here] that I recorded her with the idea of making a new Negrave album.

After seeing the castle we ate. We had seen the castle for far too long in my opinion but since the dinner involved duck I said nothing.

Now we are back and as we arrived we noticed that the next block was on fire. We are all watching, along with most of the locals. They are drinking beer and we are not. We are wondering if we will need to evacuate the hotel.

The answer is: no we won’t. I will watch the fire service drones and the man on the long ladder, get bored, and go home for a shower.

Before I do I will notice that Vilnius has trolleybuses. Gosh, I will think: there’s a thing.