Saturday, June 4

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Sundö, 17:30


Today is the day that all the students in Finland who have graduated from school hold their parties. The wrather is hot and sunny and we have two parties to go to.

Shortly after 14:00 Irma, Naa and I arrived at Antti and Hanna’s to celebrate the graduation of Matias. We spent an hour and a half there before saying goodbye and driving to Sundö.

We are at Sundö celebrating Ann-Sofie’s graduation. I talk with her and find that her current plan is to study at Åbo Akademi to become a molecular biologist. I realise that I have very little idea of what a molecular biologist does.

We are outside where everyone is taking family photos and I am photographing people photographing the family. Here Hanna is taking a picture of Mikael, Camilla, Ann-Sofie and Johan.

After the party we will take our mower out of the car and Irma will spend an hour or more mowing the land round our summer house, while I will weed and move things.

We will have eaten so much by the time we get home that nobody will need or want an evening meal.