Thursday, June 2

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Sörnäinen, 8:30


I woke up late again, on another hot and sunny morning. I checked the weather forecast and there should be some cloud, no rain, and a lot of heat. I cycled off in t-shirt and shorts again.

For reasons that escape me I automatically went to the back of the metro at Puotila, which led to me automically staying seated at Kalasatama and getting off at Sörnäinen. Here I am. I have only one minute to wait for a number 8 tram. The sky is blue, the heat can be felt on my face, and one of the new trams is approaching. It is almost empty and so I get the front seat to myself. I will be at Arcada in ten minutes.

At 10:00 Jutta, Mirko and I will have a planning meeting about next year’s teaching. This will take ninety minutes and still end inconclusively, because much of the large-scale third year projects which will affect all the students are still largely unformed, at least in their details.

At 12:00 I will have a long Skype conversation with Jake about the Sheffield event at the end of next week. We have got beyond the stage of worrying about whether people will come or not, because enough people have signed up to make it clear that there will be at least twenty people and probably more. We will now begin to work out the detail of the day because it turns out that neither Jake nor I believe that it will see to itself. We will come up with an outline format that will hopefully lead to everyone leaving the building committing to creating an online follow-up that will in turn lead to further real life meetings.

At 13:15 we will begin Retrospective and nobody will be there in the audience, or at least only Jankke and one or two more. We will decide to do it anyway because Mirko is streaming it, which means that it will be recorded for later use. We will also decide that next year we will pre-record the lectures, put them online, and hold a party for a notional premiere.

At 16:50 I will return to the staffroom to prepare my slides for Vilnius and Sheffield. I do not want to take my laptop on this all-over-Europe voyage, unless I really have to, and so I will work late in order to try to rule out that possibility. I will look out of the window and notice that it is pouring with rain.

At 20:20 I will finish my Powerpoint presentation, save it in both Powerpoint and Open Office formats, upload everything to Dropbox and mail the public links to Jake. I will look outside and see bright sun.

Time to leave!