Tuesday, May 31

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The Past, 12:34


I started the morning working at home. Irma had to leave early and so I finished editing sections of Community, Art and the State at home, where I have my one remaining hard copy. I went through for an hour checking details while Sunshine wandered in and out. He was out when I left.

At Arcada I began by making posters for Thursday’s retrospective event, for the electronic noticeboards. I had an hour’s intensive design work, which felt mildly exhilarating. I reminded myself to brush up on some advanced Lynda.com Photoshop courses over the summer. I suspect there are now a few tricks and tips I could bring up to date.

I then did some work on Community, Art and the State, checking that it synced properly from Scrivo on my iPad to Scrivener on my laptop, which it did. I found a copy of a self-portrait which I took with a pinhole camera sometime in the early nineteen eighties when I was working at Mediumwave. Regardless of what anyone else may think, I think this is a more suitable front cover illustration for the book than the one that Comedia commissioned. For one thing, there is a whole chapter in the book about the cultural and political implications of pinhole photography. For half an hour I am living in the past while I use it to create a starker, more eighties front cover for the digital edition.

I will have a Skype call with Luke, who is leaving for Australia tomorrow. I will then have a Skype call with Alison Jeffers, who will tell me of another ten or so people planning to come to the Sheffield event. I am beginning to believe that it might be almost full.

At 13:15 we will have a team meeting and shortly after that Fred, Jutta and I will have a meeting with the Communications department to discuss how the Online Media course is advertised. Finally I will look through a call for papers and decide not to apply to a conference in November. If Sheffield works out then I should be forging my own agenda by then. If not then I might regret not being in Berlin at the end of November.

But only slightly.