Monday, May 23

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Arcada, 15:30


I got up early and arrived at Arcada to set up the room for the final student pitches for the Interactive Storytelling course. At 9:05 I met Petra from YLE, and she, Robert and Fred sat down to be the judges. The show began at 9:20.

There were six pitches, with a seventh missing in action. None of them were disgraceful either in content or as presentations, although everyone agreed that there was one clear winner. Each pitch was a pecha kucha but after all the discussion it was almost 13:00 by the time it was all over.

I then had a long and hectic emergency planning meeting with Jutta on Skype, in which we had to rearrange everything we planned to do this week since the all-day planning meeting we had planned for Friday now has to happen tomorrow. This is theoretically impossible but we have managed to do it.

Having turned Friday into Tuesday I am looking out of the window, where a student is sitting on the grass on the phone. The shot looks like something out of a French movie from the seventies. The fact that I cannot get her properly in focus seems to fit the scene almost perfectly.

Later I will race through some of the stuff I expected to be doing tomorrow, before heading home.