Sunday, May 22

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Itäväylä, 13:00


Naa stayed over last night and I go for a walk as she wakes up and washes. I walk briskly to Prisma, turn left over Itäväylä, and then walk down to the gas station. On the way I pass this child’s toy sitting up and watching people pass. I doubt that it fell out of a pram and landed like this. My guess is that I am not the first person to see it here.

Irma and Naa will go to see Irma’s father while I stay behind and wash the windows. When they get back we will do gardening., which in my case will involve a lot of sweeping and brushing.

In the evening we will settle down to watch the World Hockey Championships. Finland are playing Canada in the final, having defeated them soundly in a qualifying round. In fact Finland have not lost a game in the entire competition. Canada will score early on and after that there will be no contest. Finland will just not be strong enough to get back into the game. By the middle of the second period only Naa will be left watching. Irma and I will both have wandered off to read.