Saturday, May 21

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Stoa, 14:20


The sun was hot when we got up, and I went for a walk. When I came back I oiled the cycles and checked the tyres.

After breakfast Irma cycled to Stoa, where she is working all afternoon, and I cleaned the house. At 13:45 I cycled to Stoa because Irma is working at the #idänkylajuhla festival and I am meeting Naa there. Naa is revising for next week’s university entrance examination and so she is joining me at 15:00. In the meanwhile I am enjoying the Ricky Tick Big Band with Julkinen Sana. From left to right we have Tommy Lindgren, Paleface and Redrama. The combination works really well, and everyone on and offstage is obviously having a good time. I am impressed and entertained, which is probably as much as you can ask for.

I wander round and purchase some samboosa, a Somalian variation on the Indian samosas that I love. These are not as spicy but they are pretty tasty. When Naa arrives we will eat more, and more, until eventually the stall-holders recognise us as regular customers.

The second band will be an African style jam band, and the third will be Asa and Band. They are another rap variant; this time, with bluegrass fiddle and some Indian instruments. Naa will want to leave to do more reading and it will feel as though it might rain, so off we will go. Irma will join us later and we will watch the final episode of Young Morse.

It will feel like a proper summer weekend.