Monday, May 16

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The garden, 18:40


The day began with a 9:00 Skype chat with Asle in Oslo, which lasted almost an hour and a half. We talked through the work he had done in developing the usability guide which we will be using in Nobanet. We looked at the ways we could proceed, and the implications of each possible path. I then sat down and made some notes from the meeting before I forgot what we had talked about.

After that I had a thorough back-up session. I had realised over the weekend that, because I have been away, some things had not been backed up for almost a month. I went through and made local back-ups and then backed those up to Dropbox, as well as onto a second local disk.

At 13:15 we had a team meeting to discuss the week’s work, which involved examining and interviewing the new applicants and getting enough students of the right sort turning up eagerly in late August. The system has been altered and so we needed to go through it.

The weather this morning was cold and autumnal. I avoided heavy rain by seconds because just as I got to Puotila the heavens opened. By the time I cycled home the weather had changed again and it was a pallid summer afternoon. I am in the garden wondering where the cat is. Not on the terrace where I was expecting it, obviously. I am looking at the tree that arrived recently and wondering if it really will grow big and strong in the summer.

We shall see.