Tuesday, May 17

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Hameentie, 16:40


Today began with another Skype meeting. This time I had an even lengthier one with Erik from Odense. We discussed his contributions to the Nobanet usability guide. Like Asle yesterday, Erik had sent me a bundle of files to read; and we went through them one by one. I made some more notes, and then sat and collated them into Evernote when the meeting was finally over.

At midday I had a meeting with some students about the final project for the Interactive Storytelling course. By the end I think they knew what they were doing. I decided that I will make sure by emailing everyone tomorrow.

At 14:00 I attended a Nobanet seminar in which I presented some aspects of the work that Asle, Erik and I have been steering. I explained what we had done, how we had done it, and where we thought that it could lead next.

Seminar over, I am on my way home. The 6T tram seems to have developed a habit of not appearing and so I am glad when a tram finally appears. I notice that it is an 8, albeit a nicely decorated one.

Irma will be at a dinner this evening, and so I will get some milk, play with Sunshine (who wants to go in and out in the sudden sun), have a shower, do some ironing, and wipe the floors, while humming to myself.