Sunday, May 15

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Puotila Beach, 17:00


We ate loads yesterday, including a whole bowl of hot popcorn while watching the Eurovision Song Contest. I accidentally had a huge breakfast, and shortly afterwards felt like bursting. I went for a short walk but was too full to do more.

We spent much of the afternoon in the garden, although the wind was up and the weather therefore colder than the last few days. We sawed and planted and moved things.

Now I have gone for a longish cycle ride. I have cycled down to Puotila Beach which is almost completely deserted. It is chilly in the wind but the sun is still out. I will cycle back past the usual road and go through the woods, before circling round and taking the road that leads to the gas station. This starts with an almost 45 degree hill and I make myself cycle up it, even though this hurts my leags and moves me forward (and upward) at less than walking pace.

I am happy when I have done it.