Saturday, May 14

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Herttoniemi, 14:00


The morning was hot and we got up late. I went for a short walk before breakfast.

We are out shopping, and we have stopped at Eho for some artisan bread. We are on the verge of delivering some furniture to Naa, who has the weekend off. We will turn up, unload the wicker chair and a few other things, and then assemble it all in the apartment.

Naa will join us when we go to Prisma and then in the evening we will sit down to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. There will be a new voting procedure which will complicate it all and mean that five minutes before the end Australia are well ahead and almost unbeatable with Russia in a distant second place. Three minutes before the end Ukraine will be declared the winners, with Australia second and Russia third. Since the Ukrainian song is called 1914 and is about the invasion of Ukraine by the Russians there will be immediate controversy.

The question we will ask is: why wasn’t there a controversy when Macedonia (who had the best song in the contest) failed to make it through to the final?

Nobody will answer and we will go to bed in the middle of the night, because Eurovision didn’t start until 22:00 and went on for almost four hours.