Thursday, May 12

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Suvilahti, 15:51


This morning the Interactive Storytelling group were plentiful in size and wide awake. We went quickly through what happened yesterday, for those who were absent in body or mind yesterday, and then I sent them off to finalise their concepts.

While they were off I built a pacha kucha slideshow to explain what pecha kucha are. When they had reported on their ideas I played the pecha kucha, and explained to them the form that the presentation would take. Some were pleased, because they hadn’t heard about this before, and some were amused because they finally saw me do one myself.

I did it well. There were no embarrasing pauses.

Now I am on my way to a Pixelache board meeting. This will be followed by a Pixelache members’ meeting. I have stopped to look at the cranes towering over the sky. I can see an artist’s impression of the finished development. I am surprised. I had not realised how much it will change the surrounding area. The metro will go right through the new shopping centre, which will be built right round it.

The meeting will be well attended and lots will get done. Pixelache has entered an active period, and I largely blame the take.up of Slack for that.