Wednesday, May 11

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The garden, 17:30


I spent the morning with the Intearactive Storytelling group.

There had been a long student party last night, celebrating the opening of some student films. At 9:15 I had three students and we watched a motley assortment of children’s television. I even found some Captain Pugwash.

At 10:15 another handful of students arrived looking bleary-eyed. I showed a Powerpoint deck about the nature of interactive stroytelling recapping some of what we had already done, and remapping last block’s discussions into a coherent argument.

After lunch I met the students who had worked on the Theory of Games Design course. I had promised them champagne and cake if they worked all the extra hours needed to get the movies finished. They did, and so we went and sat outside Cor Huset with two bottles of sparkling wine and a giant swiss roll. Fun was had.

Now I am back at home, my bike safely behind the house. I am looking at the shadows in the bright sunlight. There I am.