Sunday, May 8

YEAR:  2016 |

Garden, 17:00


Today was Mother’s Day and so I sneaked out at about 7:00 to collect the traditional white anemones that Auo and Naa always used to give Irma. Naa had given me very explicit instructions about this: about where to find them, how to pick them, and how to arrange them. I added the presents and then went back to sleep.

I gave Irma some pink gardening gloves, two pink Fiskars gardening tools, some handcream for afterwards, and a silly book/card that I was certain Auo would have wanted to give Irma as soon as she saw it. It was a horribly bittersweet breakfast as we both thought about the things that weren’t happening today. As I said in the book/card, “This is from Aurora who wishes she could be here to deliver it herself”.

I went for a short walk and then we drove to Naa’s house where we had fruit juice, tea, and a delicious homemade lemon cheesecake that Naa had made after she got home yesterday. She had also collected the white flowers for her table decoration. The three of us drove to Kamppi to deliver flowers and presents to Irma’s mother, and after that we went to see her father to give him some photographs.

We are home and Irma has done some washing and hung it out. I am looking at the shadows made by the strong sun low in the sky. This is the second time I have noticed the washing line recently. It makes interestingly geometric patterns.

I will go for a long walk and then have a shower. We will both be very tired and I will go to bed early and fall asleep immediately.