Friday, May 6

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Jokikatu, Porvoo, 14:00


By popular consensus the fact that Thursday was a public holiday meant that today became the second day in a long weekend. Since today is also my birthday I was entirely happy with this arrangement.

When we got up I got my presents. I got a Finnair voucher for use one weekend in the autumn, along with some eau de cologne. Irma and I both have a love of old-fashioned Nivea tins, and so I also got a Nivea Men tin, made in the old style, and a Bollywood birthday card that plays when you open it. It plays a famous Indian actor reciting a Hindi verse in a voice that Vincent Price would have envied.

The weather is very hot and we have driven to Porvoo for a birthday day out. Irma has a gift certificate from Mikrokulma, so we have been there, and now we are in the old town. I am looking at an old car parked outside one of the antique shops. It has a female dummy in an old uniform in the driver’s seat. I have never seen it before, but I like it, and the way it is positioned. (In a few days Jutta will show me a photo of the car in the snow, so it has obviously been there since last winter.)

We will walk the length of the old town, noticing the few new shops and restaurants, and then look in Brunberg’s and stuff ourselves with sample chocolates.

When we get home I will go to get gasoline for the lawnmower. The new pumps in Teboil make it difficult to fill a can without drenching yourself. I settle for a soaking and a half-full can. Irma will mow the lawn while I sweep and clean.