Tuesday, May 3

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Home, 19:00


I cycled to work and spent the morning with the Interactive Stories class. Today we had Petra and Karin from YLE with us. They spoke for almost three hours about their work with children’s television and their views about interactive storytelling for children. They showed many clips and lots of flowcharts and diagrams. Everyone was very impressed.

After lunch I had a two-hour tutorial with two students who have a complex real-life project in mind that will have implications for the dataflow at Arcada. We talked about how they could approach it, and eventually arrived at some feasible plans.

The weather is warm and I cycled home in a summer breeze. Now I am watching Sunshine stretched out on the carpet in that position that he often adopts. He sticks his legs out and twists the upper half of his body and manages to take the maximum amount of space possible.

Soon I will shower and read.