Friday, April 13

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Sörnainen, 7:50

Moonshine was out all night and was unusually affectionate when it was let in this morning. Irma was up oddly early, and Auo and I left on a later bus, because she has been complaining that she has been getting to school too early.

Now I am at Sörnainen, waiting for the tram, and Filip has joined me. I am looking around at the snow-free environment and I notice the aerial signage.

At Arcada I will set Emma off on a documentary project about OpenSim that we will use as part of the Snowcastle Valley project, and then I will set to work on the HLM site with the aim of having the whole thing working by the time I go to Dublin on Monday. I will, of course, be distracted by the need to prepare for Dublin.

Backups need to be made, cables and adaptors and chargers need to be found and packed, itineraries need to be checked. I will leave for home still uncertain about whether I have done everything that I intended to do, but certain that I have done most of it.