Wednesday, April 11

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Front garden, 19:10

I spent the morning teaching the Web Analysis / Social Media course to the entire first year, in a room more suitable for a private phone call. This was a booking problem that won’t be repeated. We raced through a Powerpoint presentation that none of them could see, and then I introduced them to Pecha Kucha.

They had said that they wanted more practical projects, and now they have one.

In the afternoon I tried to do some doctoral stuff and got caught in a blizzard of unnecessary communication, explaining to students where staff were and so on. Maybe I will spend all next week in Dublin in a darkened room writing.

The weather is now definitely in Spring mode, and when I got home Irma grabbed me and took me down the road to where a garden is being dug up tomorrow. A couple have sold half of their huge front lawn and a new house will be built there. We had permission to dig up the bluebell and dahlia bulbs before the bulldozers swept them away.

Now we are planting them in our garden. There are a lto of them. This patch is just the start.