Tuesday, April 10

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A306, Arcada, 21:20

The week began this morning, after four days away. The XML course had a bunch of unfinished assignments but we decided to move on anyway. We looked at design and layout from the point of view of the dual constrictions placed on the designer by the fact that it is book (rather than a magazine or web page) and the fact that it will be read using an unknown e-reader. Then we began work on the Oz books – an assignment I said simply had to be completed before we move on.

In the afternoon I had two online tutorials with Frida and Leena. Both are making rapid progress.

Then I attempted to turn my attention to my thesis, and ended up doing some interesting work around the periphery.

It is time to go now, and I have just noticed Jonn J’onnz – the Martian Manhunter – swinging from the side of an uused mug that I got at a conference a year or so ago. He originally arrived on Earth inside a packet of breakfast cereal.

Is Martian Manhunter even around anymore, now that DC has launched the new 52? He was a childhood favourite of mine, along with Adam Strange. Maybe I should find out sometime…