Friday, April 29

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Cruises Street, Limerick, 15:00


I have been to the second day of the conference and diligently attended everything that seemed to need attending. At 12:00 I had a meeting with Mary Conlon, who is a local artist. I had been put in contact with her by John Fail, who met her at Supermarket. She is working with the city on the media art aspect of their bid to be European City of Culture in 2020, and she would like the group she is forming to become a part of the Pixelache network.

Now I am walking around the pedestrianised part of the centre, which appears to wish it was The Lanes in Brighton. It has a Tiger and various other shops of similar ilk. It has artisan bakers, and cafes with baristas, and pubs with craft beers. It is called Cruises Street and it has coloured bunting.

I will take a bus back to the hotel. I will realise it is an eight story building in which the top four storeys are completely undeveloped. They exist as frames. I will go to Aldi again and buy some snacks, and sit in my room eating and drinking, and writing this. I will check the Irish Rail website, becaue I have been warned about weekend track repairs, and the information that I find will be somewhere between vague and gobbledygook.

If I understand correctly the 8:30 train will run on time because the workman won’t up up yet, but the 10:45 I planned on taking will either run or not, and if it does run then it will either run on time or not.

I decide that getting the 8:30 train might be a wise idea.