Friday, April 22

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Puotila Metro station, 8:00


The weather has got cold and I am standing on the platform waiting for the metro. I have just made it to the station before the damp air turned into rain or hail. I am wondering whether these windows are supposed to shine in the way that the glass on the cycle sheds does. If so then the windows are on the wrong side of the building, because I have never seen the sun pour through them. Without the sun they look faintly silly, like a child’s attempt at decoration.

When I get to Arcada I will run the final class of the Web Analysis course, after which I will sbriefly lead an afternoon session of the Interactive Storytelling group. They will work through the editing process. We will agree on the date of a final meeting, and I will leave them to it.

I will have lunch with Nathalie and we will go through my work for the year. Then I will return to the Interactive Storytelling group.