Monday, April 9

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Puotilä Beach, 15:20

Naa has gone to a Chinese restaurant with Åke. Irma is reading. Auo and I walked to Prisma to try to get a plug, but they were closed. We then walked to Itis, but the only shop open there was McDonalds. Even Hesburger and Picnic were closed. We walked back.

I decided that it was time to get my bike out and when I did it worked perfectly. Now Auo and I have cycled to the beach to see what it is like. The answer is: snowy.

We have had a great time getting here; trying to cycle though 5cm of slush in some parts and both falling off every now and then. At the moment Auo is sitting on a bench reading A Famous Five book in Finnish, and I am watching the only man in sight on the allotments.

Later we will do more snow work. I will completely clear the ice from the path. As I go to bed I will realise that I have sprained my right arm and reactivated an old thumb injury while doing it.