Monday, April 18

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Parnell Square North, 7:00


We got to bed too late to get up this early but here we are. We have leapt out of bed, washed, and left the hotel. We have walked three hundred metres, past the Witers’ Museum we went into yeaterday, and we are waiting for the 747 bus to take us to the airport. There are dancing feet inlaid into the pavement by the stop and when I look at the wall I see that they are commemorating the death of the Miami Showband, in which the British army were implicated in an undercover massacre. I used to own an LP by Dickie Rock and the Miami Showband when I was a teenager, primarily because it was on sale very cheaply in the local newsagents.

The bus comes just after I read the inscription and so I think about the Miami Showband as we pass through Dublin and out through the long tunnel.

We will arrive home on time and collect Sunshine from Naa’s apartment. Naa will tell us that she is happy to see him go. He does not like being kept indoors, and as soon as he is home he will be out.

I will go for a ninety minute walk, by the end of which I will have walked off at least two of the many sausages I ate in Ireland. I will have a shower and go to bed very early indeed.