Sunday, April 17

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O'Connell Street, Dublin, 12:00


We are staggering down O’Connell Street under the weight of our own breakfasts, and we notice a photographic exhibition of people walking down this very street. We pause to look at it. There are about twenty images stretched along the fencing in front of a building being refurbished. It is mannered and I am not sure if it achieves anything very interesting but I recognise a shared interest in photographing people without showing their faces, so I stop to examine it.

We are planning on going to the Guinness Storehouse and spending 20€ each on a trip around the world of Guinness. I looked at the website yesterday and I am not completely convinced that this would be a wise use of our money. I rather suspect we we have more fun spending the money on actual Guinness.

In the end we will get diverted by shopping, and by watching the crowds in The Church, and we will not make it. Instead we will spend the evening in Madigans being entertained by the bar staff and customers and spending our admission fees wisely.

We will also get to listen to some live Irish music, so we can tick that off our I-Spy Book of Dublin now.