Thursday, April 14

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Cathedral Street, Dublin, 19:00


I cycled to Arcada, spent the morning there, and then cycled home again. At 13:30 we packed out cases into the car and headed to the airport.

We have left our bags at the Charles Stewart Guesthouse in Parnell Square East and gone to find somewhere to eat. We have found Brannagans, and here we are with our first pints of Irish beer. I have Guinness and Irma has a Guinness brewed lager called Hop House 13. The place is full of Irish chatter and foreign students. We are about to eat fish and chips or cajun chicken.

It is a long time since I have had Guinness and I am finding that I like it, especially when it is served from a tap and is a normal drink.

Later we will walk a little further and then find our way back to the guesthouse.