Tuesday, April 12

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Outside Arcada, 16:30


Today started warm and bright and carried on that way.

I spent the morning running an extra final session for those students who didn’t get their epub books working during the Structuring Information course. If they hadn’t got them working by the end of the course then they would never get them working on their own, so my choice was to offer a final bout of help or fail them. By 13:00 everyone in the room had a workable epub showing on their phone or tablet. So nobody failed the course.

I learned that both Matteo and I had been granted our pedagogy certificates, as a result of our home made portfolios. I should therefore shortly get a promotion, since I now have a doctorate and a pedagogy certificate.

I spent the afternoon reading and writing material for the rest of the Social Media course. I have done enough. I can see the sun is streaming through the window and so I leave. When I am outside I look at the big tree in the bright blue sky, and decide that I will go for a long walk when I get home.

I will too: almost ninety fast minutes listening to Andrew Bird.