Monday, April 11

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | |

A309, Arcada, 15:00


Having cycled through Spring weather I got to Arcada and began catching up with a stack of mail. The morning passed.

I am in the monthly planning meeting, which has just finished. I have given a lengthy report about The Future North, and have arranged to sit outside with Liisa and ice cream tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting, to fine tune the plans.

I am looking out the window and I am noticing that these leaves are actually growing somehow between the double glazing. Last year’s leaves are brown and dry and some of this year’s leaves are just beginning. Between the leaves I can see a man sitting naked on a balcony sunbathing: the first of the year.

When the meeting is over I will race home to release Sunshine from his locked room to let him play out in the sun before it disappears for the evening.