2012 calls from the fifth dimension

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POSTED: April 11, 2016

Some conspiracy theories are dangerous. Some conspiracy theories are dull. Some are stupid. Some are meta. Some meta theories, as we shall see, are obviously more meta then others.

I have just come across this site which is a kind of all-inclusive conspiracy theory mash-up from 2011, which is still on the web with the date of The Ascension intact. The date is December 31, 2012, fact fans, and I, for one, don’t recall ascending. This section from one of its many pages (the conspiracy is vast and multi-dimensional and so is the site) stands as a candidate for the Quote of the Decade.

Or any decade, if we are honest.

Duality still plays out in the 4D. Deception is involved to convince beings that they are from 5th dimensional frequencies. The red flag for me is that they still use technologies to solve problems they face. In the true 5th dimension, technology does not exist. Everything in the true 5th dimension is done by ones spiritual powers.True spiritual power is infinitely stronger than any technology created in this Light Universe.

The Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters will come to Mother Earth and tell humanity to evacuate onto their ships to “save us” from the pending environmental destruction that she will unleash leading up to Dec. 21st 2012.
People will become scared and react from an ego state of mind. Since trust will be somewhat established already with the GFL that they will board ships, or go into inner earth realm called Argartha. Argartha is really a holographic reality and is not the true Shamballah that resides on Mother Earth in the 5th dimension. They will also say that we need “help” to ascend into the higher dimensions. They will present humanity a technology called “Light Chambers” that will ultimately control what level of ascension they want you to experience.

I don’t prescribe to the version of Ascension that requires you to be saved by extraterrestrials whether it be via Ascension Light Chambers, Technological Safe Zones, or Ascended Master Worship. I prescribe to the sovereignty of each individual and would like to remind you that you are more powerful than some ETs or Ascended Masters have led you to believe. Some ETs and Ascended Masters are taking advantage of your “spiritual amnesia” and are not telling you the Truth regarding your spiritual powers. You are an INFINITE BEING OF LIGHT and do not need to be “saved”. Your are so Powerful and Spiritually Strong that the only thing that can stop you from ascending is yourself.

So now you know.

On another page the Conspirator in Chief says that he has removed the dates from the site since they have proved “unreliable”, but they are still on this page. Perhaps it is a conspiracy.