Saturday, April 9

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Garden, 14:00


We got up late this morning and discovered the sky was gray. After brunch Irma left to collect Niilia, pick up Naa from work, and go to the Spring sales.

I am in the garden looking at two large plastic sacks that contain horseshit. They have water drops on them from the rain in the nioght and they look like abstract paintings. We are in possession of horseshit because every year a man comes around delivering it. This, I am convinced, is an old custom which will die out when he retires in the next few years. The sacks are 12.50€ each and provide all the manure that the garden needs.

I will spend the afternoon reading. I will load up Zinio with the latest editions of the magazines I read from the library and settle down while it rains outside.

Niilia and Naa will join us for a dinner of baked salmon in cream, which is still one of my favourite meals.