Sunday, April 10

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | |

Päivi's apartment, 18:00


We have visited Naa’s granddad and collected Naa from work, and now we are with Päivi and Kailis and their family in their apartment in Lautasaari, celebrating an anniversary for their son Leo. I am talking with Peik, the eldest sone of Päivi’s sister Alma, who is studying at Aalto and has a start-up that he is hoping to turn into a career. His youner brother has made two delicious cheescakes and I am working my way through them. Most people are elsewhere in the apartment now and the slideshow of photos from Leo’s life is underway to an audience of me.

We will stay for an enjoyable five hours or so and then drive Naa home. We will both be filled with salad and cake and skip dinner in favour of a shower and an early night.