Friday, April 8

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Itäinen Puistotie, 19:00


This morning, after a lot of technical kerfuffle, I showed the first year a movie in the small auditorium.I am not convinced that scaling back Arcada’s IT department was a good idea. I do not need help very often but whenever I do it isn’t there.

At lunchtime I met Margharita, a doctoral student from the University of Tampere. She is attending the MEVI conference being held at Arcada. Originally I proposed a group and she asked to join it, and then the group was cancelled because only she asked to join it. Then she asked if we could meet anyway, and I said yes.

We talked about the concept of truth as it might apply to journalistic practice while eating sausage stew.

Today there is one of the occasional Well in the Park get-togethers at the British Embassy. At 17:20 I met Irma a few minutes walk away, and we joined the small but merry thong. We have made a few acquaintances there but none of them were in attendance today. We sat and chatted and ate peanuts while drinking a cold beer. Now we are leaving and I am looking at the embassy entrance. It looks secure but if I turn around and look at the entrance to the American embassy, which is opposite, I will get a lesson in what real security looks like.

In the evening we will watch a movie called 360. Apparently it got luke warm reviews. We wil like it.