Saturday, April 2

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Near Linnanherrantie, 12:00


I am up first and have a shower. Then I let the cat out and go for a short walk.

Yesterday was bright and sunny. Today is even sunnier. I walk quickly through the woods to see if there is any snow and ice left. This is the slope down to Linnanherrantie where I also fell last weekend. It was still covered in a thick layer of slippery ice. Today it looks like this, as the sun casts long shadows through the trees.

I will spend most of the afternoon clearing moss from the concrete parts of the yard. It will prove a much more pleasant task than I expected, since it mostly involves sitting on a piece of plastic that used to be Auo’s, scraping the moss of the concrete with a wallpaper stripper.

I will get a table and chairs and put them out in the garden. I can smell the first barbecue of the year from somewhere nearby. If it isn’t summer yet then it is definitely pre-summer.

Later we will go to Stockmann and Itis before Irma makes a pretty amazing fish curry. We will spend the evening happily doing very little.