Friday, April 1

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Outside Arcada, 15:00


I completed my first week cycling to the metro station by cycling to the metro station and getting there at exactly the right moment to catch the train. This was better than the nine minute wait yesterday.

I spent the morning running the first session of Web Analysis in which I explained about Omtänk and then gave a ninety minute lecture on the history of modern media. More specifically I talked about The Electric Age which began in 1884 with the first street light in Wabash Indiana.

At 13:00 I had a tutorial and at 14:00 I attended the monthly Rector’s Coffee to check up on everyone else’s grant applications. After a slice of cheesecake I went down to the IT office and got my new phone: a Microsoft Lumia 650. This replaced the old Samsung which has lain in a drawer for two years, and is now deemed a security risk. I am checking out the Lumia and it seems quite nice. Before deciding whether to use it or keep using the Clie I bought in Berlin, I have gone outside to test how it works as a wifi hotspot. It is lying in the grass while I am standing with my iPad, out of the range of Arcada’s wifi.

It works. I is also the lightest phone I have ever held. I am going to use it.

When I have cycled home we will go to Prisma for weekend shopping and plants.