Thursday, March 31

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A2, Arcada, 16:00


Today was Irma’s name day so when I got up I left three cards by her place at the table. One was a card. One was a gift voucher for Emotion. One was a gift voucher for Marimekko.

Today was more or less a repeat of yesterday. I cycled to work, supervised two different student groups at the same time in the morning, and met students, wrote mails, and tried to advance my project description in the afternoon.

On the way out of Arcada I notice an interesting collision of lines and shapes in the corridor so I sit down on the floor to photograph it. I am looking towards the television studio and in this corridor nobody thinks twice about people sitting on the floor taking photographs.

When I get home Naa will be there to surprise me. She will be waiting to see Irma with a big bunch of roses. We will have fun until Irma takes Naa home.