Wednesday, March 30

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Puotila, 16:00


I rode to the metro station again, although the temperature had dropped sharply and it was so misty I almost went back in for my lights.

I spent the morning teaching two classes again. It worked for the same reasons as yesterday. Both groups ought to have been working autonomously, and I only needed to steer them and answer specific points as they arose. Having said that, it was both energising and tiring and by the time the second group ended at about 13:00 I was ready for a break.

I did a few things that I needed to do and then set off for home to continue writing the application for my research project. I have begun to realise that it is not the application that is the difficulty. I have done that. The issue is the supporting documents. I need to craft those to describe a compelling project that is not taken out of my hands and diverted once the money arrives – assuming it ever does.

I therefore have to think the whole project through very carefully so that, should it happen, it turns out to be what I want to do and not a millstone round my neck.

Now I am Puotila metro looking for my cycle. It is the one in the middle. I will cycle home, enjoying the ride, and get home to find Sunshine outside, where he has been all day. He will see me and trot off again, content to know someone is around.

In an hour or so he will practise entering and leaving and then go to sleep on the sofa. I will think and write while all this is going on.

Irma will arrive home late from her workshop sessions, by which time I will have showered and got ready for an early sleep.