Monday, March 28

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outside Prisma, 14:00


Spring is definitely here now. The snow has visibly retreated in the last twenty four hours. On Friday we had a snow-covered garden with growing patches of ground showing. This morning we have a garden with a few patches of snow remaining.

I go for a morning walk for the first time this holiday, and then after breakfast I decide to get my cycle out and oil it. Then I decide to take it for a ride.

Last year I failed to find a rear cycle lamp anywhere. This year I decide to get one at the start of the season, before they are all sold out. I take the bike for its first ride this year and get a rear lamp from Prisma for 4.99€. I have one of the few cycles parked outside.

In the afternoon and evening we will begin tidying Auo’s room. We will find ourselves looking at some things for the first time in two years and finding things that we never knew existed: old notebooks with lists of passwords for places like Tootsville, and things like that.

I will assemble five jigsaws in an effort to see how many are still complete. The answer is none.