Friday, March 25

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Prisma, 16:00


We got up very late and it snowed briefly before settling for being a uniform grey.

We had forgotten a few groceries and so, on the way back from dropping things at Naa’s, we dropped into Prisma.

This is the first holiday since the new law freeing shopping hours. I had not realised that they have been completely freed but they have, and Prisma and other supermarkets are open on Easter Saturday for the first time in Finnish history. They will be open tomorrow and Monday too.

Nobody knew what would happen but it appears that shopping en masse is what has happened. Prisma is as busy as a normal Saturday, except for where I am standing right now. Here I have a perfect view of our basket and the few shoppers venturing to try on clothes. Behind me people are looking at light fittings, as we were. We are preparing for Tuesday, when an electrician will come to fix Naa’s light fittings and shw will have light.

Naa will join us after work and Irma will arrange a traditional Easter egg-hunt. There will be 41 eggs and Naa will find 28 of them. I will lose with a small 13.