Friday, March 18

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Rohdinkuja, 08:10


I am leaving for work. It is freezing cold and apparently snow has been falling all night. I thought we had finished winter, but apparently I am wrong.

I will spend almost all the day at Helsinki University with the second year students- We will attend a one-day conference at the Minerva Building about Cognitive Science and serious gaming. There will be much less to it than I had imagined. It will turn out to be the second day of a meeting of the CICERO working group, and much of the morning will refer back to the previous day’s agenda without any explanation.

I will walk to Hesburger in the tunnel which we no longer know as Kaisaniemi to have a falafelburger for lunch. After this I will walk back and listen to the two remaining presentations. The two hours left at the end to look at the posters and demoes will seem superfluous since there are four demoes and three posters. I will go back to Arcada to write some assignments up.

In the evening we will meet Naa at Prisma, and be joined by Wasi, a refugee from Afghanistan that Irma has met during her work. He will come back with us for tea, and then we will take him to the metro and Naa to her apartment.