Friday, March 11

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Hala Targowa, 11:00


We decided to explore further today. I looked on my map and found that one of Gdansks three shopping malls was only fifteen minutes walk away. Off we went.

We are halfway there and we have stopped because we have discovered an outdoor vegetable market, next to an indoor market that sells clothes on two floors and meat, fish, cheese and bread in the basement.
I am looking at a vintage Citroen van parked outside the market next to a trailer selling kebabs. When we go inside I will buy a jacket and we will have a beer in a bar in the corner of the top floor. It is just big enough to fit three tables. We will like it.

Eventually we will walk on to the Madison mall, which is not too big and not too exciting. We will explore a Polish supermarket in the basement and I will buy handfuls of beetroot cup soups.

Later, after we have dropped our bags at the hotel, we will decide to eat at the Gdanska again. I will decide to have the Special Lech Walesa 5 course meal, containing all his favourite dishes and finishing with a large pepper vodka. The restaurant will be empty except for us and a Japanese tourist who will be looking utterly astonished at what she has found on her plate.

I will have finished my salmon and started on my beetroot soup will meat pies when the actual Lech Walesa will sit down at a table near us, soon to be joined by three friends. The waiters will become instantly attentive. His friends will get menus and he will just smile and laugh and get served what presumably is his usual. I will not be able to see if he is eating the same as me.

My main course will be pork ribs. I had been expecting something like spare ribs, but I will be very very wrong. I will get two thin bones, each holding about half a kilo of meat accompanied, of course, by enough potatoes and white cabbage to feed a family.

My dessert will be a big baked apple stuffed with alcoholic jam, followed by a pepper vodka that will make my eyes water as it strips the skin off the back of my throat.

We will leave while the Walesa party are still eating, drinking and laughing.