Thursday, March 10

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ul. Chlebicka, 12:00


We spent the day walking again, looking at the doors and shop fronts in the old town. This one is in ul. Chlebicka where we have just been into the main post office. We felt as though we had stepped back in time a hundred years, both in terms of the architecture and the way business was carried out. We are now walking nowhere in particular looking at the amber and silver that is in every shop except fro the cake shops.

In the middle of the afternoon, when we decide we are hungry, we will look for a restaurant down a side street. I will see a little sign and we will go there. The sign will be a trick. The Gdanska will turn out to be a huge place that extends round the corner and is covered in suits of armour, swords, old paintings, reproductions of old paintings, model ships, and almost anything else that can be stuck on a wall or hung from a ceiling.

The menu will claim that this is Lech Walesa’s favourite restaurant which I will respectfully doubt. I will order pork shank, which will be both enormous and delicious. It will come with a kilo or so of potatoes, and a large mountain of white cabbage.
As a direct result we will go to bed about 18:30. I will fall asleep immediately and wake up fifteen hours later.