Tuesday, March 8

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Approaching Kalasatama, 8:30


It is not exactly raining or snowing. There is a cold, wet mist in the air. I am in the metro looking out of the window as we cross the bridge towards Kalasatama. The scenery looks like a painting or a faded old movie.

The mist will still hang over everything when I walk for a bus at Sörnäinen.

I will spend the morning booking everything for the trip to Ireland, while flights and hotels are still available. I will have to wrestle with Arcada’s new booking system which will cause Firefox to crash three times (something it never does), the last time in front of witnesses.

I will go home early to play with Sunshine, and then go to Naa’s to see her at home. We will chat for an hour and then I will walk back to see how long it takes. Approximately thirty minutes by the route I took, which may not be the quickest.

I will then go for a walk, by request, and manage to get completely lost. I will have no idea how it could even be possible until I am lying in bed at 22:10 retracing my steps. I will undetstand at that point what I did but still marvel at how I could have ended up so far out of my way.

I will check it on a map tomorrow, I will think, as I fall into a deep sleep which will conclude when I wake from a dream in which we are trying to smuggle flowerpots into Poland by disguising them as hats and wearing them