Thursday, March 3

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Naa's new apartment, 18:00


This was my second simple day in a row. I got up; ate breakfast; caught a bus, a metro and another bus; had a cup of tea; and started teaching.

I spent the morning with the Structuring Information group who started by loading Bluefire Reder and Aldiko onto their phones or tablets and testing their ebooks. They then began grappling with making their own ebooks using epub 2. Then the session ended and they went for lunch, some baffled and some triumphant.

In the afternoon the Game Theory course began producing results as we went over the concept map we made yesterday and fine-tuning it. After coffee the serious research began as the students took areas of the map and searched for the material they would need to flesh out every node in that section. I finally became convinced that what we were attempting – learning by teaching – could prove to be successful both as a way of learning and a method for producing online materials for public consumption.

I got home early again because everyone else was working late and Sunshine doesn’t like to be locked in for very long. I let him out, went to buy milk, and then had a shower, so that my hair could dry properly. No sooner had I got out of the shower when Irma arrived saying “Get dressed, we are delivering more things to Naa’s apartment”.

Naa has apparently decided that she is definitely going to spend Friday night in her new apartment and so we are here now delivering more household objects, and adjusting the decor. We are moving the glass table from one place to another, and I am putting a ceiling lamp up. Right now I am looking from the table to the bedroom and out of one of the windows onto the glazed balcony.

Naa will stay at Kamppi because she starts work very early tomorrow, and my hair will be wet a lot longer than I intended.