Saturday, February 27

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | |

Kamppi metro station, 16:30


I got up, restarted the Royal Canadian Airforce exercises I was doing until we went to India, and then had breakfast. After this I washed the shower-room walls which were covered in dust from the fire. They went from gray to white in ninety minutes.

At 14:15 I got a lift to Itäkeskus where Irma was intending to buy a new washing machine to replace the one that has stopped working. There are washing machine sales this weekend and a quick calculation shows that it would be no more expensive to buy a new one than to call out a cowboy to try to fix the old one.

I get the metro to Kamppi where I am meeting Naa so that we can both go for a flotation session. At the end Naa has a broad grin and says that it was absolutely amazing. We spend fiteen minutes or so drinking tea and chatting, and then Naa goes to Kamppi because she starts work very early tomorrow, and I go home.

At Kamppi metro I can see the exhibition space is occupied again. It relates to an exhibition at HAM, so maybe it is a piece by Weiwei, the Chinese artist who has an exhibition at HAM at the moment. I like this small space because it is charmingly eccentric and houses such a wide variety of pieces at irregular dates.

When I get home it will turn out that Prisma have the best deal in town on washing machines, but we have to get it and install it ourselves. Off we will go. We will borrow a trolley, load the new washing machine into the car, carry it into the house, trolley the old one into the car, and then take it and the trolley back to Prisma. When we get back I will unpack the new LG machine, attach it to the plumbing, position it, and wait to see what happens. It will appear not to work and then we will realise that it does something to the washing for a few minutes before it adds water. It balances the load or fluffs the laundry; who knows?

Finally we will sit down to eat with a glass of wine while the washing machine silently does some more laundry. It sings at the end, like our Mickey Mouse toaster.