Wednesday, February 24

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Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio, 14:00


This morning I did some gyming and then finished a final version of my pedagogical portfolio after some more editing advice from Nathalie. I turned it into a pdf and she sent it off to whoever is on the committee that will examine it. It was twelve pages long, or forty two pages long if we include the two appendices. These consisted of two book chapters which said things that would have been pointless to rewrite.

Then I started work on the community arts book chapter that is supposed to be ready by the end of March but which I aim to finish this week, so I can move onto other things. I understand Gerri and Alison’s critique and there is only really one section where I find changing it problematic. I tied and failed and then tried again.

At 13:00 Jutta finished teaching and we went to China Flavor for lunch, because it is sushi day. They also had a new soup which was sweet tomato and vegetable (with meat). I am not sure how Cantonese it is but it was actually delicious. I had two bowls.

Now we have been to Tokmanni for cookies and we are walking back. The lions are covered in the remains of the snow and the air is crisp. We are talking about replacing the XML course next year with an introduction to javascript frameworks, and I am wondering out loud about where and when virtuality will fit into all of this.

I will spend the afternoon finalising the applicants’ pre-examination assignment with Jutta, and working on the community arts chapter.