Sunday, February 21

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The garden, 14:30


It snowed yesterday afternoon and continued snowing through the night. This morning I heard the snowploughs and got up to find the entrance blocked by a wall of wet snow. After brunch I set to.

There was a whole lot of snow. I cleared the paths in the garden, and the path to the front door, and then cleared the drive and the wall between us and the road. Now it is almost three hours later and I have finished everywhere, including the square in front of the kitchen which I cleared for no practical purpose at all. I am standing at the end of the garden by the compost, looking at the path to the shed. Thirty seconds ago Sunshine was visible trotting along it

Soon we will drive to Pakila for our Sunday afternoon inter-generational gym.

In the evening I will finish reading The Metatemporal Detective, Michael Moorcock’s collection of Seaton Begg stories. Interestingly it includes one previously unpublished story that acts as an ending and an explicit bridge to his other stories. The more I read of these the more I like them.

Tomorrow I will order some books from the library.