Wednesday, February 17

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Tram stop, 17:20


I spent the morning with the first year, as they get to grips with schema and start to grapple with XML transformations. Some are completely on top of it, and some are completely lost. I aim for diversity in my teaching.

The class overran which meant that I ended up running to the mall, where I was due to meet Andrew. He is briefly back in Finland before returning to Latvia and then to Berlin where he will spend the summer organising a transmedia show in a gallery. We went to China Flavor and hurriedly ate as much of the buffet as we could. It was Wednesday and so there was sushi, but I concentrated solely on the main courses. I didn’t even allow myself the soup.

Andrew gave me three face masks and I promised that we would use them this weekend. I managed to avoid promising that we would photograph ourselves in them.

I got back in time for the afternoon session of Games Theory, in which we played games to make sure that we were not leaving anything out of our thinking. Tova had brought a card game called Sopio that I have never seen before and so four of us played that. It was very enjoyable and later I learned that it is also available as a free app.

Now I am out of the building and on my way home. I am talking with Christa at the bus stop and the sky is amazing. She points this out and I photograph it. The sight only lasts a few minutes and by the time the tram arrives the sky is already much duller.

We talk about my probable trip to Limerick and she suggests that this might be combined with an exchange to ITT. This strikes me as a very interesting idea and I make a note to contact Deirdre, Mary or Gerry as soon as possible.

At home Naa and I will pull sheets and I will iron them.