Saturday, February 13

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Vartiokyläntie, 11:30


The day is bright but cold, and I am out for a brisk walk. Ahead of me a couple practise wearing matching outfits. I will walk for about thirty minutes and then return home for a shower and brunch.

Naa will go out in the afternoon to Heureka with her friends. There is a Science of Love event there and they will spend a miserable hour and a half queuing to discover that the event is full just as they arrive at the door. They will discover later that they are lucky. The people who did get in wandered through the event in a series of shuffling queues and saw little or nothing. Apparently Facebook will be filled with angry messages and complaints.

We will go to Prisma, for a very organised shopping trip. We will split up at the entrance; each heading for a different aisle on our own coordinated missions.

Then we will come home, cook, eat, and watch television.