Wednesday, February 10

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Hämeentie, 13:45


I slept very soundly in the night, and didn’t even hear Naa leaving for work. I work at 7:00 thinking interesting thoughts about the courses I am planning. I stayed awake and decided they were indeed good ideas that I would implement today.

The ground was almost completely clear of snow and ice and I got ot the bus stop earlier than I expected, in time to catch a bus so full I had to stand all the way.

I spent the morning reworking my slides and at lunch I went downstairs to eat what the restaurant refer to as Finnish Hash. It came complete with the official fried egg.

Afterwards I had a tutorial with a student who had been away and needed to catch up, and then I sent some emails and carried on with my slides.

Looking out the window I can see it is raining steadily, and the sky is a uniform gray. I carry on working as though nothing had happened, which indeed it hasn’t. This feels like a wasted day.

I will leave for home on time and Naa will help me pull the sheets, which I will then iron. She will be excited and frightened at the same time, because in the afternoon she went to the bank and signed the papers for the apartment.

It is now officially hers.