Friday, February 5

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Madhouse, Suvilahti, 18:30


The ground was walkable this morning and the bus was almost empty. I had a Skype meeting with Jutta when I got to Arcada.

I spent the rest of the morning reworking the paper I had collaged together for the Global Learn conference in April. I am being encouraged to go, and the paper is going to double as a grant application next month, after another reworking, and a presentation at The Annual Report in May, so I was happy to be finishing three things at once.

At 13:00 I sat down with Tomas and we graded all the final assignments from the Innovations course. We finished just as the monthly rector’s coffee began and the cake of the day was Runeberg tarts, which was very good news.

At 17:30 I walked briskly from Arcada to Kalasatama metro; the first time I have done this for weeks.

Now we have walked under the main road, through the temporary tunnels and we are at Madhouse which is having a dada-themed opening party for its third season. John will be doing another season of his stand-up show here.

Normally we apply a ninety minute rule to events like this. We stay ninety minutes and then decide if there is anything keeping us there. Tonight we are speed partying, and applying the nine minute rule. In fifteen minutes time we will be standing in a metro on our way to Itis.