Monday, February 1

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A303, Arcada, 11:50


This morning was not as cold as usual, and as the morning has progressed it has got brighter and warmer. I have been writing a conference paper, and preparing for the two classes that start tomorrow. I have been shuffling between the three tasks. As soon as I got stuck on one I switched to another, until I got stuck on that one. Each task successfully served as a displacement activity for one of the other tasks; and this seems to have been effective. I got more done this morning than I expected.

Both of tomorrow’s classes have the week’s activity prepared in detail, and the conference paper is three quarters done.

Now I am walking around Arcada because I can tell that it is time for a break. I wander into the online media studio, which is empty, and look out of the window at two cyclists speeding along so fast that they have disappeared before I get my iPad ready to take a photo. It looks like Spring out there. The dog walker is taking his time. He has advanced about ten metres since I first saw the cyclists. The remaining snow looks charming rather than dangerous.

At 13:15 I will go to a meeting in which Mats will discuss the state of the Media Masters courses. It will not be a necessary meeting, although it will not the most unnecessary meeting I have been to this year. I will gain an extra MA thesis to supervise.

I will experiment with Trello and discover that I have, at last, found a genuine use for it that matches what it does best with what I need doing.